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The "double reverse" consequences of solar energy prices rose contrarian

It will probably make you feel less, but this is the price of the European solar cell is rising. Bremen in Germany's solar market research report recently released for pvXchange card to understand this point. Chen Suzhong pointed out that from the beginning of this year to now, the average price of solar cells in the European stock market has risen by 6%.

Although modest, but the cost of solar cells, which means that the European Solar property has not been expected to reverse". However, in 2011, the average price of the European solar cell on the first year fell nearly 1/3. 2012, the price will be 1/3. Even by 2014, the European solar cell price also fell over 14%.

So, in the end is what leads to the cost of solar cells in Europe rose against the market trend? Investigate its reason, it is important that between China and the EU constantly upgrading solar trade friction, namely the so-called European entrance from China's solar cell exist dumping behavior.

The implementation of the anti-dumping duty is to reduce the amount of China manufacturing cheap solar cell market in europe. Coupled with overcapacity and weak market demand in important areas, commercial friction to the Chinese manufacturers have caused a great negative impact. Over the past two years, China has at least four solar companies to close down, including LDK LDK and once the world's largest solar cell maker Wuxi Suntech.

The admission of the entrance is probably a resistance to Chinese manufacturers, but this does not mean that the European Solar property, which will be able to revive the death of the European solar energy, in particular, is the German solar property. On the contrary, as Europe's response to the double reverse, Chinese solar manufacturers actively pricing, but it also makes Europe's economic powerhouse, Germany's solar energy industry has been hit the hardest hit ".

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