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Buffett's largest scale of the world's largest photovoltaic power plant

Renewables BHE, the U.S. renewable energy power generation operator, announced in June 17th that its Starprojects 579MW project in the United States, California, set up a Solar photovoltaic power plant project completed, and has begun to grid.
The power plant is the largest in the world has been put into operation, the largest photovoltaic power plant projects, to the independent system operating mechanism (ISO) - California ISO power supply network.
Bhe renewables is headquartered in Iowa, is to play a chairman long and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Berkshire, Hathaway group's Berkshire, Hathaway energy company, a wholly owned subsidiary by an investment Warren Bafield. The company changed its name to American Renewables Mid and American Solar Mid in January 2015.
The photovoltaic power plants across Losangeles county and Kern County of California Prefecture, started in January 2013 to set up equipment deployment. Solar cell board set is completed in March 2015.
Single axis tracking system, set up a single axis tracking system, set up about 1700000 U. S. SunPower made of single crystal silicon solar panels. One phase photovoltaic power generation system was incorporated into the California ISO power grid in October 2013.
Renewables BHE has also been funded by the Solar Farms Topaz, the world's second largest 550MW project in California. With this 579MW project standard operation, Renewables BHE became the world's largest range of two watt level photovoltaic power plant operators.
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