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Listing Corporation intensive layout of the Internet is good wind power photovoltaic

Recently published the "Internet + initiatives guiding opinion", finalized the smart energy 11 key category growth mission and coherent support pace. The industry widely believe that this will be the energy of the Internet to the ground to produce a serious impact.
Energy Internet has become a new focus of the structure of a number of listing Corporation. In the past more than a month, A shares of Internet companies have nearly 70% energy point set by the fund-raising overweight energy Internet business. Broker analysis personage to reporters said that energy Internet top-level plan the Internet + smart energy action plan "the night will be in the years the introduction. Other recent power to change policies supporting intensive landing, also means that the smart grid as the representative of the energy internet property is from the idea stage into the fast growth of landing.
On the wind photovoltaic industry composition of good
To further promote the transmission and distribution price reform, to explore the creation of the independent electricity transmission and distribution system, the following in the city of Shenzhen to carry out China's first transmission and distribution price reform pilot, in mid June, the National Development Reform Commission approved the West Inner Mongolia power grid transmission and distribution price reform pilot program (hereinafter referred to as "Mengxi pilot program").
Mengxi pilot program is under the No. 9 of the new electricity reform after the first transmission and distribution price reform pilot program, but also China's first provincial power grids lose distribution price reform pilot program. Stop now, in addition to Shenzhen, Mengxi, the NDRC has pilot areas expanded to represent the four area power grid in East China, central China, northwest and south of Anhui, Hubei, Ningxia, Yunnan, Guizhou five provincial power grid.
The plan is approved after less than a week time, solidarity and development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau issued by the electricity transmission and distribution cost supervision and examination measures, new electric changed to stride crucial step. And the Internet + initiative to guide the introduction of the industry to stimulate the industry's views on the Internet from the point of view into the ground more expectations.
Actually, this year in March, the new power to change the content of the text of the 9 more than the principle of the requirements, must be accompanied by detailed implementation details can be implemented. Analysts pointed out that, along with the system to support the program announced one by one, the power to enter into a substantive stage of advance.
Guotai Junan analyst pointed out that new power to change the supporting policies floor rate and intensity are far more than expected, the energy Internet further growth cleared the institutional stagnation.
State Grid Energy Research Institute chief expert Feng Qingdong told reporters on the China Securities Journal reporter performance, energy Internet investment space is far more intelligent power grid. From the perspective of energy transmission and transformation, in the smart grid, energy can only be transmitted in power, and in the energy of the Internet, the energy can be transformed into a variety of forms, such as electric energy, heat energy, chemical energy and so on.
Qing Dong Feng further analysis pointed out that, from the point of view of energy consumptive and control, smart grid to deal with distributing type power consumptive ability limited to local, and energy Internet through large power grid and micro grid skill fusion, the distributing type power consumptive expand the scope of. This deal with the current subject to the power grid quiet thinking and the foot before the foot is not the wind power, photovoltaic and natural gas and other diffuse energy will form a substantial positive.
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