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China's many wealthy have to enter the photovoltaic industry

OFweek solar photovoltaic network: coal and other traditional energy rich category of net worth fell. While the assets of wealthy individuals in the field of new energy resources have severe turbulence, surge of hina Li Hejun property, also there is no lack of or a list of Yuankun high et al; photovoltaic industry made the rich mythology a feather falls after, soon and attract the Zheng Jianming, Shi Yuzhu outsider hunters into. The unconventional heave energy industry rich luck, probably indicates Chinese clean energy substitution strategy is not easy.
As tension Keqiang index index, China's power generation capacity grew has from 10% - 20% of the growth interval, switch to the 0-5% year-on-year growth. Coal price as a pillar of the power is therefore a fierce blow, the overall price of coal in Bohai coal composite price from 800 yuan / ton, fell to 500 yuan / ton.
With the Chinese economy into the shift, the economic layout gradually changed, heavy industry growth slowed. In this process, rise from the coal industry, industrial extension to smelting, chemical etc. categories of rich people, recently two years in New Fortune 500 Rich List Ranking of teams, commensurate with the magnitude of the decline.
This, coal and coal chemical industry list of the net worth of the rich and 645 million yuan from 2014 down to 607 billion yuan this year, has shrunk to 5.8%. At the same time, list the number also by the 12 fell to 9 people, Hexing group forest Lairong, Inner Mongolia Taixi Coal Group Wang Yiting and Mongolian group high column families were 2015 rich list.
Energy is dominated by state-owned enterprises, in the coal and coal chemical industry, the industry's list of the rich are relatively open to the new energy industry. 2014 with 870 billion yuan of assets to become the richest man in the River Lee Jun, its hina film solar market since the year 2014 jumped 5.6 times, amounted to HK $27 billion, temporary scenery. In 2015, Li Hejun had a net worth of 165500000000 yuan topped. In addition, the scenic electric Forster, Lin Jianhua Zheng Jianming also attached to the layout of the new energy field were ranked 121st and 241st in the list.
And the relative, sun power Cao Renxian, GCL poly energy Zhu Gongshan, family net worth fell commensurate with the level and high Shandong Linuo Yuankun and fell out of the list. Field of new energy resources rich assets of the violent jolt. It, too, seemed to indicate that China clean energy substitution strategy may not be together spreading.
China's current energy distribution to thermal power and hydropower based, the total accounted for two of the 95%, the proportion of thermal power accounted for almost 80%. The thermal power is mainly caused by coal - fired power generation method, which has caused great pollution to the situation. Under the pressure of environmental protection, both mass appeal still authorities subjective desire, eager to change the energy distribution, high energy consumption, high pollution coal-fired consumer is low, field of new energy resources thus become investment hot and space to make Fuxin. Nevertheless, nuclear power is still state-owned control earlier attachment Sinovel and list of the rich Han Junliang and Wei Wenyuan with company is st, has also been unless rich list. PV become the only thing in the list of new energy industry.
The photovoltaic industry bottomed out, Zheng Jianming strong hunters
Previously, the photovoltaic industry has Zuoyu the Shi, Peng Xiaofeng, a large number of rich, but under provide rapid growth, European countries cancel photovoltaic energy subsidies and other multiple strangulation, quickly wealth accumulation and thus also vanish (see enclosure). However, now the photovoltaic industry seems to usher in a rebirth of the east.
November 2014, the State Council issued the energy growth strategy initiatives (2014-2020), this has made a clear goal: by 2020, the total amount of energy consumption control in 48 tons of scale coal, coal consumption is controlled at 42 tons or so. Non fossil energy accounts for 15% of the proportion of primary energy consumption.
Then, in March 2015, the National Energy Board issued on the issue of 2015 years to set up a plan for the deployment of equipment, the world's new PV power station set up the scope of the 15GW, the 17.8GW, which is expected to be a big market, PV market will usher in a new round of equipment deployment boom.
The two authorities document commentary, clean energy for high pollution energy replacement is about to begin, and photovoltaic energy will this occupy a place. Photovoltaic power generation industry chain including polysilicon, silicon, battery components and power station. Previously, the entire PV industry profits almost the key to the production of polysilicon upstream of the upstream. The price of the polysilicon foam is falling, and the economic benefit of the photovoltaic power generation has greatly declined with the lower component cost.
In recent two years, the solar power generation group, the profit margin of the group is less than 3%, the big margin rose to 18%, showing good economic benefits. 2013 China's total solar PV installed capacity has increased from 0.2GW to nearly 20GW. According to the IHS of the market research firm, 2019 global cumulative solar PV placement will reach nearly 500GW, compared with about 177% in 2014, about 180GW. This means that the placement of nearly 64GW per year. Photovoltaic power generation area of the new blue ocean characteristics, indicating that the category of the rich is expected to become the core of the attention again. Clean energy Zheng Jianming is the one.
The scenery along the power on July 2011 landing Hongkong stock market, the fund raised HK $433000000, then hit the photovoltaic industry comprehensive emergency. By the end of 2012, once was an outsider to the photovoltaic Zheng Jianming, 2.01 billion Hong Kong dollar holdings investment Shun scenery 4.63 million shares, to 29.65% stake at one stroke to become the first major shareholders, the future began in a photovoltaic category acquisition of hunters.
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